CD-FLUX is a spray-on, wipe-off fluid which is designed to clean discs and enhance their quality

This PHONOSOPHIE development operates in a similar way to surface-coating.

The result is more music!

Your CDs sound more dynamic and can really turn you on with their breathtaking musical timing and high ernergy.

You will be astonished at how much more music is right there on your disc, just waiting for you.

It is easy to use: Start with the printed side of the disc. Hold the disc at the rim at a distance of 15 cm and spray the surface with two short bursts. The surface should be covered evenly with liquid. Clean the disc with a soft paper tissue using a gentle circular motion, so that the liquid is distributed evenly across the surface. Clean the hole in the centre and the outside rim of the disc. Repeat in the same way with the unprinted (data) side.. Again clean the hole and the rim. Wipe away any remaining visible droplets with the tissue.

The disc is now ready to play. Although you will hear an improvement at once, the effect will increase over the next 30 minutes.
Now just relax and enjoy more music!
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