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Shrink to fit: The COMPLEMENT

A power amp with enough power reserves to master any situation. Strength and speed in perfect harmony.

Our entry level power amplifier is available as a two or four channel version.

„Even more than the rich variety of details, the sheer power and the unbelievable dynamic drive, I admired the growth in fine differentiation and the dynamic width..."

"This sort of experience has often led me to think: buy it now!“
image hifi / Heinz Gelking

Budget at it's best.
Both COMPLEMENT models offer everything for which our "live" philosophy is famous. It is an affordable way to enter the world of PHONOSOPHIE, which is rich in dynamics and musical colours.

It has enough power potential to drive most of the speakers on the market and incorporates drive and speed. This is our basic power amp offers breath taking three dimensional imaging and vivid dynamics.

Behind the immense dynamics and impulse precision of the COMPLEMENT, you'll find the same basic circuit design as in our top models. Made it a little more purist, like all PHONOSOPHIE amplifiers, it uses extraordinarily sophisticated power management. The aim is to get ample power quickly to the point where it is needed.
The result is higher current delivery.

PHONOSOPHIE Power amps are not only vivid and quick, they are also extremely stable, right down to 1,4 ohms. The 2-channel version of the COMPLEMENT offers 2 x 70 Watts at 4 ohms. This basic power amp can handle even critical speakers with ease.

This power amp is also available as a four channel version. It's called
BI-COMPLEMENT and offers 4 x 70 Watts. Owners of the BI-COMPLEMENT need only two additional cables for connecting the bi-amping terminals of a loudspeaker with the
corresponding terminals for low and high frequency cross over. By driving each section separately, the control of the speaker is improved and the additional power increases the performance with more dynamic and improved imagery in your listening room.

It talks fluently German: DIN deals with connections
PHONOSOPHIE employs DIN sockets for all connections other than Phono, for which we use BNC terminals.

The lockable DIN connectors offer mechanical and electrical advantages. By using a common ground, different potetials are avoided, so that hum can't do any harm to the sound quality.

BNC connectors are standard in the measuring business and everywhere where extremely low level signals have to be handled. No wonder that we believe that BNCs are the best choice for transmitting the sensitive phono signal to the amp.

Banana plugs offer the most precisely defined contact with the largest surface area of all loudspeaker connectors and guess what: that's why we use them in all our amps!

PHONOSOPHIE uses cases made of carefully treated aluminum (4 mm thick) with finest grade of surface polishing. In contrast to the heavy armour wrapped around common high end audio components, it will not suffer from vibration energy trapped between thick metal sheets.
Instead, this kind of lean construction offers more control when dealing with vibrations as they are eliminated from the cabinet in the shortest time possible. To reduce vibration effects even further, you can use our racksystem, which is complimentary to the cabinets design and supports them perfectly for optimum sound reproduction.

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The quality of the mains supply is essential regarding impulsivity, signal stability and liveness of the performance.

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