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Make your speakers BI-have: BI-STAGE

The BI-STAGE series offers high flexibility. Even the basic model copes with undeniable ease.

A blues pub, a jazz club or a big stage - it will be happening in your living room.

Within this series lies the possibility to upgrade to larger models whenever you wish. You just have to decide how close you want to get towards the stage.

„The BI-STAGE grabbed the horns of the American speakers and brought them almost to the point of pain but with such a tight, precise and rhythmic bass that just couldn't be faulted. And that in a listening room of almost 50 meters square!“
image hifi / Ulrich Michalik (Review Bi-Stage 1-2)

Audiophile consequence in terms of power. Ample power and highest precision even under critical circumstances are the key characteristics of the BI-STAGE family. An extraordinarily dynamic behaviour brings out the best in any speaker. Tailoring systems by inserting an optional BI-BUTT or AKTIVE- board to achieve the best results for your personal needs, offers enormous flexibility.

The BI-STAGE 1, the BI-STAGE 1 TWIN and the BI-STAGE 2 TWIN are available in either 2 or 4 channel versions. Owners of the 4-channel version need two additional speaker cables to connect the bi-amping terminals of a loudspeaker with the corresponding terminals of the power amp for low and high frequency ranges.
By driving each section separately, the control of the speaker is improved and the additional power increases the performance with a more dynamic and intense presence in your listening room.

With its ample power reserves, the BI-STAGE 1 guarantees musical impressions of the rare kind. Every detail is preserved and perfectly presented. The sound image stands tall, the musicians seem to materialise before your very eyes.

These power amps act like jet engines. Two 600W Toroid transformers bursting with power and impulse hold total control of what the speaker may reproduce. One is dedicated exclusively to the exacting support of the sensitive input signals.

The second delivers the real power needed by the output stage.
The result is a circuit design capable of producing a wider dynamic range and decay response.

Using a larger input stage power supply (compared to the BI-STAGE 1 TWIN), the stability of the circuit has been substantially increased. A step closer to the stage, this special design achieves uncompromising accuracy in music portrayal and the real efficiency of the output stage is dramatically improved.

It talks fluently German: DIN deals with connections
PHONOSOPHIE employs DIN sockets for all connections other than Phono, for which we use BNC terminals.

The lockable DIN connectors offer mechanical and electrical advantages. By using a common ground, different potentials are avoided, so that hum can't do any harm to the sound quality.

BNC connectors are standard in the measuring business and everywhere where extremely low level signals have to be handled. No wonder that we believe that BNCs are the best choice for transmitting the sensitive phono signal to the amp.

Banana plugs offer the most precisely defined contact with the largest surface area of all loudspeaker connectors and guess what: that's why we use them in all our amps!

PHONOSOPHIE uses cases made of carefully treated aluminium (4 mm thick) with finest grade of surface polishing. In contrast to the heavy armour wrapped around common high end audio components, it will not suffer from vibration energy trapped between thick metal sheets.
Instead, this kind of lean construction offers more control when dealing with vibrations as they are eliminated from the cabinet in the shortest time possible. To reduce vibration effects even further, you can use our racksystem, which is complimentary to the cabinets design and supports them perfectly for optimum sound reproduction.

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