Tonearm weights and
dynamic damping.

The bass is cleaner and punchier, the middle and high frequency information is clear and defined. That´s how it should be.

The balancing weight of a Tonearm is not responsible for the adjustment of tracking force alone.

While at work, a pickup passes vibrations along the tonearm. Standard weights can reflect them back into the system. The large majority of tonearms behaviour toward resonance is selective and can influence the pickup operation negatively.

High quality materials make better tonearms and greatly reduces their resonance. For a good sound, excellent tracking and an even balance over the entire frequency spectrum is essential.

Many tonearms, even some of the more expensive ones, are only capable of even resonance handling above 500 Hz.

The silent block decoupling of the weight brings a positive improvement in the tonearms resonance performance. The bulk of the weight swings at frequencies an octave below that of the tonearm in a balanced dynamic process.

The large majority of tonearms would greatly benefit from using PHONOSOPHIE Balance Weights.
The sound gets punchier with more substance and power as the dynamic improves.

The PHONOSOPHIE Balance Weight is suitable for 8 - 9 mm tonearms (THORENS, PHONOSOPHIE) and 10 - 12 mm (LINN). Weights for other types - please ask your dealer.

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