Rounded Spike

With ROUNDED SPIKE your speakers will have a ball, without sticking in the point!

If you have invested in wood or stone flooring and want to avoid unnecessary scratching, you can only profit from using our floor spikes.

You may have already tried putting coins under your normal speaker spikes. This is not something we recommend. This actually hinders their function more than it helps; much precision and dynamic can be lost as a result. Use ROUNDED SPIKES. They are not only easier on your flooring but bring added advantages with them, namely reducing floor to stand resonance transmission which can slow a system down as resonance begins to accumulate.

The rounded end of the spike reduces the puncturing in wood caused by normal spikes and protects the floor at the same time, improving the system `speed´.

PHONOSOPHIE Rounded Spikes are simple replacements for the standard type with a diameter of 8 mm. For the PHONOSOPHIE Rack system a combination of the Adjustable Spike and the Rounded Spike are available.

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