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Outboard: The POWER CONTROL 1 stays outside

The dynamics of a dedicated power supply are crucial to the impulsivity, signal stability and liveliness of sound reproduction.

The POWER CONTROL 1 is actually a ring transformer masquerading as a mains plug and was designed especially for the BI-CONNECT 1 and the ANALOGIZER.

With the TH version it is possible to inexpensively improve the performance of Thorens turntables.

The quality of power supplied to an audio system has direct a repercussion on the overall sonic performance.

Power supplies play an essential role within the hi-fi chain.

Separate power supplies are built more sophisticatedly than their internal equivalents and the interference, normally created by transformers and their proximity to sensitive electronic circuits, is therefore dramatically reduced.

The `cleaner´ the current, the better the reproduction. The differentiation and definition is highly improved.

The more current is made available per fraction of a second, the more the audio information can be brought forward, particularly low level information.

The use of the our external power supplies is rewarded by a vastly improved impulsivity, signal stability and vividness. The closer the listener is lead to the musical happening, the better the sound experience.

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The quality of the mains supply is essential regarding impulsivity, signal stability and liveness of the performance.

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