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MM / MC External

Accommodating the Phono-stage amplification in its housing gave us the chance to include a power supply too. By concentrating on current, the extra effort behind this concept provides the best possible amplification of the player signal.

Transient response, dynamic and musical flow guarantee a breathtakingly live performance.

The phono relays work with multi level amplification, consisting of a linear Ultra Low Noise stage followed by RIAA equalisation divided into two ranges. The separation permits an unusually high linear frequency response and low noise together with an extremely stable performance under all conditions. Also results in improved resistance to distortion over the entire frequency range.

Complex rectification together with a strong external power supply, this phono-stage concept offers the highest sound quality as the ultimate choice for listening enjoyment.

There are two versions of either the MM or MC circuits available which, according to the capacity and/or impedance required, can be adapted to your system accordingly. The various versions differ as a result in circuit and component selection.

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