The turntable is, without doubt, the most sensitive link in the hi-fi chain.

The complex interaction of the different turntable components dictate the performance.

A tool for listening to records. It takes nothing, hides nothing and adds nothing. A supreme turntable that conjures a natural sound from each and every recording...

Listening to it makes one curious and hungry for further revelations in the record collection.“
VDI-Nachrichten 8 / 2000

An excellent illustration of how much more the Thorens TD-166 is capable of as an `instrument´, with our modifications.

SPRINGS: chrome plated four times, conic pressure absorbing spring principle.
EFFECT: Optimised sound panorama through improved decoupling.

INNER PLATE: made of metal. EFFECT: less wow and flutter, less low frequency noise due to a smoother belt transmission with a higher mass. Using metal, both parts of the plate also play a role in motor noise shielding.

MOTOR PULLEY: high precision metal pulley. EFFECT: less wow and flutter and less low frequency noise due to higher surface quality and higher mass.

DAMPING. cabinet resonation is damped at several areas.
EFFECT: The impulse decay is optimised.

WIRING: PHONOSOPHIE PK2-NF cable with BNC sockets. EFFECT: lower noise emission and improved fine detail. (BNC are used because of their improved HF impedance characteristics).

Flat. Thin. Absorbing. The mats are thin, to discharge the static charge from the record, and absorbent to damp resonance. The perfect pillow for your finest vinyl!

PLATE MATCHING. Inner and outer plate are matched to each other.
EFFECT: more effective resonance cancellation.

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The quality of the mains supply is essential regarding impulsivity, signal stability and liveness of the performance.

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