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The reference.

The N° 3 is completely our own development.

With it, we have raised the bar in terms of production tolerances, absence of resonance and long term stability.

…After several days of intense listening with this totally neutral and clean N° 3, it became obvious to me that a dream combination of this kind can hardly be faulted, even when compared with the very best of its genre… the only limit is the record itself.“
Stefan Schickedanz / Audiophile

The production and adjustment of each turntable is done in house by PHONOSOPHIE. This is the only way to guarantee perfect component matching. A variety of tonearm and pickup combinations
can be added to the PHONOSOPHIE N° 3 upon request.

By the perfect mechanical construction of the turntable, it was possible to reduce low frequency noise below measurable values. The basic idea of the whole construction is, to lead the resonance out of all parts of the turntable. The N° 3 enables a great variety of tonearms to be perfectly adjusted in terms of arm resonance.
The overall attention to detail and the interactions between the single components leads to a great listening experience.

The sub chassis consists of a special chip board and is veneered on both sides. The resulting case construction is extremely firm, and lower resonance characteristics compared to using standard materials.

Indispensable for the smooth, vibration-free rotation is the playless bearing giving the lowest possible friction tolerances between bush and spindle.
Special oil is used for minimum LF rumble and wow & flutter. The three point mounting is secured with turned brass bushes delivering the required de-coupling from sub-chassis and bearings.

The sub-chassis material and form are matched for optimum energy absorption and dissipation in the arm/headshell combination. With the self centring leaf springs, resonance stays as low as 5 Hertz knowingly set an octave deeper than the arm/pickup resonance, thus removing
intermodulations from the spectrum entirely. The springs can be adjusted, without opening the deck, through holes in the chassis. The N° 3 is however a very robust deck and the sub-chassis does not require adjusting every time it is moved.

Tonearm PHONOSOPHIE OnePoint 1.
The tonearm Onepoint was developed in close cooperation with CLEARAUDIO and includes much rethinking about the optimum tracking of the pickup, the supression of resonance and their controlled dissipation.

By way of a one-point bearing, the variations in tolerances inherent in multi-point bearings are avoided.
Besides the re-evaluation of the mechanical parameters we also gave thought to improving electromagnetic influences on low level signals.

The OnePoint 1 enables the pickup to work under optimum conditions resulting in an unique musical flow.

Tone arm Naim Audio ARO.
A marvellous partner for the PHONOSOPHIE N°3 is the tonearm ARO or the UNI-PIVOT from NAIM AUDIO. They rely also on one point bearings. The whole arm is mechanically perfectly designed. N°3 and ARO are a perfect pair. With the ARO , the PHONOSOPHIE FLAIR is in good company. This combination sets standards for liveliness, rhythm and complexity in music reproduction.

Shows the record like it is. Full of drive and well balanced frequency response, it is a neutrally sounding MC pickup with low interference between the channels.
“The Flair shows things like they are. Once you hear it, you will know what I mean..."

Flat. Thin. Absorbing. The mats are flat, thin to lead the static charge out of the record, and absorbing to damp resonance. The perfect pillow for your finest vinyl!

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