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X-OVER 2 -
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X-Over 2
X-Over 4-8
X-Over Spike

X-OVER 2 - in our active systems, these crossovers modules are plugged into the pre and integrated amplifiers.

This allows each of the various amplifier stages to work within exactly defined frequency and energy criteria while delivering to the appropriate driver.

Fine dynamic, musical flow and atmosphere improve immensely.

The optimum connection for a two way loudspeaker to each of the power amps, the X-OVER 2 splits the signal after the gain stage and before the output stage. The resulting performance boost is palpable.

Through improved control of the loudspeaker and vast increase in performance thereof, the reproduction is focused and dynamics are delivered with more presence into the listening room.

The X-Over 2 can be mounted in the universal slot of your PHONSOSOPHIE amplifier. Tuning can be made to PHONOSOPHIE loudspeakers as well as NAIM AUDIO IBL and SBL. Please enquire in the case of other brands. Electronics and loudspeakers can be minutely adjusted in < 0,1 dB steps to the listening room.

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