Analogue Tuning

…by the use of PHONOSPHIE products:

Built into the models 100
Sovereignty and homogeneity

Metal Pulleys
Built in the Thorens models 100 and 300
Dynamics and more detail

Felt Mats
All turntables
Contour and control

PC1 Th / PC2 & PC3
for all suitable components (depending on the voltage)
Dynamics and power

PK2 Cable
suitable for all components
incredible clarity and dynamic for a livelier sound.

Stands for the components
Rubber feet suitable for all components
Precision and control

Tone arm Weights
For all Ton arms; depending on diameter
Dynamic, control and linearity

Phono Pre Amplifiers.
Internal phono pre amps MM & MC
Shortest signal paths, maximum live character

Lubrication Oil
For all decks
Quietness, smoothness

…further improvements:

System adjustment, tone arm play, sub chassis and speed
Dynamics, contour, quietness and unanimity

Deactivation of auto stop (Thorens)
Dynamic and power

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