Audio Animator

The performance shows more energy, no matter how loud you listen. Also reveals more width in the sound stage, which is no longer restricted in scale.

The bass has more swing and more rhythm ...the brushed hi-hats seem to be more subtle.

Hands on piano sound
Guitar strings are enunciated, have more context...

Seems to take on increased air and precision.

In total an easier, airier, lighter and smoother sound has been attained.
Hörerlebnis / Marco Kolks

Music pulses with animation, is livelier and fresher…

The triangle in Liszts first piano concerto (Katchen, Decca) attained almost 3D room qualities, the piano stood out with a more contoured sound.

… allowed the individual instruments of the string section to be show themselves much more clearly.
hifi & records / Ludwig Flich

The ARTKUSTIK AUDIO ANIMATOR is used to reduce material stress. Using the regularities of physics. It transfers the structural order of crystals to each object, in its proximity. Regardless of which material it is made of plastic, wood or metal.

All that needs to done is to pass the AUDIO ANIMATOR just over the surface of both sides of the CD.

The same applies to records, tone arms and system components.

Its even worth leaving the AUDIO ANIMATOR on top of the CD player the whole time.

Cables and speakers can also benefit from `treatment´.

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