"The way a system is mounted is, after the power supply, a most important consideration."


How and where your Hi-fi components stand, also plays a role as to the extent of the sound quality your system can reproduce.

Many components require absolutely horizontal positioning in order to function satisfactorily.

Although it is not possible to prevent the housing against airborne oscillations, it is possible to ensure that their energy and associated negative effects are kept to a minimum.

The PHONOSOPHIE Rack-System offers a further meaningful accessory for the optimal operation of your Hi-fi components. The influence the correct mounting has on the liveliness of the reproduction is far bigger than most would suppose.
We suggest planning your system using the following criteria:

- the first priority is a proper power supply, your system depends on it,

- secondly, the individual placement of your equipment,

- and thirdly, use high quality cabling to connect your equipment.

Only when your system is completely supported in all these areas does it make sense, strictly speaking, to think about the quality of the individual components themselves.

The PHONOSOPHIE Rack-System is made up of a range of components that can be easily combined.

The shelf module structure is constructed out of welded steel. During conception the main objective was to derive a method whereby resonance is effectively transferred through the construction to the floor.

The adjustable Spikes allow for the precise setting of the stands with `spirit-level´ accuracy. Not only important for record decks, CD and DVD players can also benefit from such precise placement.

The various elements can be combined in a variety of ways and with a range of levels and spacing, in order to fulfil your own system requirements.

Resonance is passed on to the next element using mechanically adjustable couplings. The ideal situation, although difficult to achieve due to space requirements, would be a single table with one shelf for each component.

The Top-Frame together with a basic stand element allows the mounting of particularly sensitive or heavy components like record decks with sub chassis or tube amplifiers

Various shelf elements are also available. The STANDARDBOARD plays a passive role in transferring waves without change through the chassis while the CONTROLBOARD actively influences them with more palpable results.

TopFrames and Wallmountings. Using these components it is possible to mount a record deck or even a complete system, solidly to a wall. A practical alternative to inadequate flooring for example.

The star form gathers resonance and dissipates them in equal speed.
Even large systems comprising of decks, TVs and the entire Hi-fi system can be accommodated using the CentralSupport (not shown). The CentralSupport represents the maximum in achievable resonance dissipation.

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The quality of the mains supply is essential regarding impulsivity, signal stability and liveness of the performance.

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