Bi-Wiring Adapter

The sound stage is reproduced more precisely, the silhouettes of musicians and instruments clearer.

The loudspeaker receives clearer, more musical information and is thus capable of better imaging.

Many modern, high quality loudspeakers are fitted with bi, tri or more terminal connectors. The idea being to provide each speaker element (tweeter, cross-over etc.) its own speaker cable signal.

This way the entire system is able to provide energy and information more efficiently, while minimising the influence of the components on each other. Our experience concurs with this, however only in multi-amping installations where each speaker element is powered by a dedicated amplifier.

So which connection should be used to attach a single speaker cable? And which contact should be used when they are so many to choose from? You will see, depending on the connection used or misused, the sound is easily in danger of loosing tone, dynamic and timing.

Signal degradation increases as the signal is forced to bridge the various connectors to get to its destination, having to mastering various hurdles in material that degrade the signal as it passes. The PHONOSOPHIE Multi-Wiring Adapter minimises these failings and routes the signal along the cleanest and clearest path possible.

The effect is to unleash of the speakers performance, increase the transient response and highly improved tone. Highs and Lows are more controlled with increased substance.

Standard model:
Loudspeaker connectors: 4 mm Banana plugs
Cable connectors: 4 mm Banana sockets

Bi-Wiring Adapter with copper contacts
to fit 2-Way Terminals

Bi-Wiring Adapter with silver contacts
to fit 2-Way Terminals

Tri-Wiring Adapter with copper contacts
to fit 3-Way Terminals

Tri-Wiring Adapter with silver contacts
to fit 3-Way Terminals

Multi-Wiring for more than 3-Way Terminals
please ask your dealer.

Custom wiring looms with other connectors are also available
please ask your dealer.

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