PHONOSOPHIE equipment can be given increased performance or be modified to be the next version in a product line.

The quality of the power supply, mounting and cabling contribute more to the total performance of your system than the individual components themselves!

Since they influence the working parameters of all components, the improvements made accordingly in this area can be substantial.

Power cables using silver contact technology.
Our Ag type power cables increase the `live´ feeling and contribute to a better listening experience. The dynamics and transient response increase considerably, the performers move closer into the listening room.

Power Supply.
Good quality plugs, sockets and distribution are an important consideration for the correct functioning of electrical equipment. Make provision in the first place for a good and stable current supply.

The correct positioning makes precise audio reproduction possible and, as far as perfect working conditions are concerned, an absolute must for you CD player! As well as other aspects, the power supply and positioning should be given more than sufficient attention.

Regardless of how well a particular component performs, if the cable is unable to carry the information correctly, the audio picture falls in on itself. The music sounds lifeless and uninteresting.

Over and above the measures described above it is possible to extend and improve our system components. Most PHONOSOPHIE equipment can be upgraded to a superior model. You can, for example, start with an IMPULS 1 and modify it into an IMPULS 3 at a later date.

There are numerous modules available such as phono-stages, Bi-Butt Filters, active crossovers, internal & external power supplies and remote control kits, all of which can dramatically extend the efficiency of the individual devices.

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