The brand.

The brand-name PHONOSOPHIE stands for a whole concept.

Our fundamental aim is to get as close as possible to the music and so all PHONOSOPHIE products are designed to sound as close as possible to a "LIVE" performance.
Wouldn’t you prefer to actually feel the emotion in the musician's performance to simply taking satisfaction from owning an expensive hi-fi system regardless of how life-like it sounds?

Our specific knowledge and understanding of the factors affecting the whole hi-fi chain have been developed over the years to deliver a “More Live!” sound.

Starting from the main fuses via source and amplification to the speaker – the criteria for judging any sound reproduction are obvious:
The more life-like the sound, the closer you get to the music.
More emotion means that you can get more out of the music, more pleasure and joy.

Though we create highly acclaimed components, we also pay attention to the detail.
We never stop striving for improvements that bring you closer to the music, no matter whether you are already a PHONOSOPHIE owner or not.

For example, there are our mains supply products that under some circumstances can affect the performance of your audio system more than the replacement of a mid-price CD player with a high-end model.

What can we learn from this? Always start at the beginning!

PHONOSOPHIE products are part of an integrated, well-balanced system.
PHONOSOPHIE dealers will demonstrate how to deliver the full potential from each component.

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