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Although similar in design, the advanced THEBEN 2 offers a more sophisticated performance over the THEBEN 1.

The TWIN-Terminal enables the connection of a second speaker cable, so enabling Bi-Amping configurations.

Besides using first class drive units, an important consideration in the construction approach was the mechanical control and matching of resonance. Comparable to star earthing in amplifiers, the timing of all speaker component is harmonized, the resonance optimized . This leads to a much more vivid performance, more a live concert than a hi-fi system.

2 way compact speaker. For the middle and low frequency range, we rely on 17 cm aluminium cones. Their outstanding rigidity and low mass promotes a neutral and vivid sound

Separate tweeter chamber: The cabinet consists of two chambers, one of which protects the 25 mm tweeter from unwanted changes in pressure and the associated influences on sonic quality.

Adaptive passive radiator. Hidden from view, the cabinet holds a passive radiator. It's oval surface is used to adapt the precise correction of the impulse characteristics of the mid-bass section.

Accessible crossover. The cross-over is easily accessible in order to find the optimum settings for the listening room. Depending on your requirements crossovers can be installed for wall or free standing positions.

Twin-Terminals. Behind a cover, the THEBEN 2 is equipped with a twin terminal for single and bi-amping which enables quick and easy conversion from a passive to an active speaker system. The usual disadvantages
associated with standard bi-wiring terminals and cable bridges have been avoided here.

Technical data: Theben 2
Principle: 2 way acoustic suspension
Sensitivity: > 90 dB / 1W (1m)
Volume: 16 Litre (HT: 1,8 L)
Measurements. (W x H x D): 240 x 410 x 415 mm

Cabinet finish: cherry, black
maple anthracite + natural
further finishes on demand
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