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The ARTKUSTIK Room-Animator optimizes the sound quality you hear wherever it is used.

The listener typically experiences increased dynamics, higher resolution and improved spatial definition to the music.

PHONOSOPHIE uses cases made of
carefully treated aluminium (4 mm thick) with finest grade of surface polishing.It will not suffer from vibration
energy trapped between thick metal sheets.
Instead, this kind of lean construction offers more control when dealing with vibrations as they are eliminated from the cabinet in the shortest time possible.

CD-FLUX is a spray-on, wipe-off fluid which is designed to clean discs and enhance their quality
The result is more music!
You will be astonished at how much more music is right there on your disc, just waiting for you …

Keep high frequency
interference out!
and open connections on your integrated
or pre-amp can allow high frequency noise to influence the circuits inside reducing sound quality…

Tonearm weights and
dynamic damping.

The bass is cleaner and punchier, the middle and high frequency information is clear and defined. Thats how it should be.
The balancing weight of a Tonearm is not responsible for the adjustment of tracking force alone …

There's nothing like the real thing: Live is live. It makes us hungry for more.
From childhood days, we are used to hearing sounds. No wonder, that memories of the past are more likely to be linked sounds than to words …

The HiFi - ABC.
Among the most amazing discoveries in the history of Hi-End ranks the at first confusing realisation, that high quality Hi-fi components to do not necessarily behave like other electronic products. One simply plugs in a home computer and the gigahertz processor starts working regardless of where it is plugged in or which mains cable is being used (the same way a normal consumer uses his `off the shelf´ Midi system: unpack - attach -plays). …

Following our golden rule, to provide the best possible signal flow, the
IMPULS CD players are connected to the amp via lockable DIN connectors. Gold RCA terminals (WBT 0244) are wired optionally.

If you have invested in wood or stone flooring and want to avoid unnecessary scratching, you can only profit from using our floor spikes.
You may have already tried putting coins under your normal speaker spikes. This is not something we recommend. This actually hinders their function more than it helps …

We suggest planning your system using the following criteria:

- the first priority is a proper power supply, your system depends on it,
- secondly, the individual placement of your equipment,

- and thirdly, use high quality cabling to connect your equipment.
Only when your system is completely supported in all these areas does it make sense, strictly speaking, to think about the quality of the individual components themselves.

All IMPULS range CD players have the same striking
front panel design with red illuminated PHONOSOPHIE logo and controls. The high resolution DOT matrix display belongs to the most sophisticated of its kind. Numbers and letters are displayed in deeperproportion than standard displays can offer. The display and control illumination can be dimmed or switched off entirely.

Bi-Wiring Adapter
Many modern, high quality loudspeakers are fitted with bi, tri or more terminal connectors. The idea being to provide each speaker element (tweeter, cross-over etc.) its own speaker cable signal.
Our experience concurs with this, however only in multi-amping installations …So which connection should be used to attach a single speaker cable? And which contact should be used when they are so many to choose from? …

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