There's nothing like the real thing:
Live is live. It makes us hungry for more.

The rhythm of nature is reflected in music. Everything that surrounds us is captured in tones and harmonies.

And this rhythm is in control of our lives. Each heart has it's own beat – with the result that music has a different meaning for every one of us. It touches our souls, pulses through our veins and moves our feet. It connects with our emotions.

From childhood days, we are used to hearing sounds. No wonder, that memories of the past are more likely to be linked sounds than to words.

These circumstances are nowadays often mis-used by advertisers: It's nearly impossible to avoid permanent exposure to manipulation by certain kinds of music.

For example, our subconscious is tranquilised by ambient music, to put us in the mood for shopping.

This is what makes sound experiences dull, steals the passion of music and makes it so hard to listened intently.

That degrades music to be just one more disposable element of our world. And while this happens, the magic gets lost.

As a result of that decline of interest and emotional involvement, our expectations in the performance of the necessary playback components are also low.
We all have our stereo or even surround system at home.

But how long did you listen today? How does it sound? Can it change your living room into a concert hall, a theatre or at least a jazz-club?

Guess what? Most of us will probably just say no.

Each one of us can tell whether a guitar player is performing on stage or on CD or LP– even with closed eyes.

On the other hand, who has really felt deep satisfaction after the last tone of a symphony has faded out into silence on his own hi-fi system?
Surely, there will be only a fortunate few.

Imagine yourself begging for more, like you would do in a rock concert.
There's nothing like the real thing: Live is live. It makes us hungry for more.

PHONOSOPHIE promises to bring back the joy of music in your home. Nothing more and nothing less.

Oh sure, you think, that just isn't possible. But we believe it is!

We construct – or should we say compose – and manufactur components that promote the idea
of having pleasure, emotions and fun while listening to all kinds of music.

For us, there is only one aim which determines the sound quality of our CD players, tuners, amps and speakers: To convey the impression of being really there, taking part of a live performance.

You will listen closely to the musicians and feel like you are actually there - in the recording studio, the concert hall or the church.

Digital technology may have cost advantages for mass production, but we believe the most important sections of most audio components are still analogue.
That means unfortunately, they are expensive to manufacture.

We think - you should keep that in mind - when you choose your equipment, so that you can ensure you, get what you desire:

The “more live“ experience in your home.
To achieve that, we are happy to give you our support.

Humans need time and space – not only literally – to build up their knowledge of a subject as complex as sound and to find what best fulfils their dreams.

So before making your decision, please ask yourself:

How do I listen to music? When do I listen? And how relaxed, inspired and satisfied do I feel while doing this?

If you do that, there is a good chance, that you will understand the philosophy of PHONOSOPHIE.

How about some PHONOSOPHIE lessons? Feel free to contact us - we will take our time to help.

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