Room Animator
The ARTKUSTIK Room-Animator optimizes the sound quality you hear wherever it is used.

The listener typically experiences increased dynamics, higher resolution and improved spatial definition to the music.

Altogether it sounds nearer to the stage and more live

The Room Animator works purely according to the laws of Physics (the ordered movement of electrons in matter) and depends on the use of natural matter. It contains only naturally-occurring materials.

Whenever we listen to the music from a HiFi system, we need air in our room to transmit the sound. The more evenly arranged is the “sound conductivity” of the air, the better the acoustic behaviour of the room.

In practice this means: increased dynamics, high resolution, more detail and improved spatial definition, a more accurate bass rendition, and a more live feel to the musical rendition.

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Here you can find your nearest

Stand up!
Solid like a rock
and light as a feather would be the ideal home base for your hi-fi system. You will be surprised,
how much the stand affects the total quality of sound. If you want to get closer to the music, start here!

Power up!
The quality of the mains supply is essential regarding impulsivity, signal stability and liveness of the performance.

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