"You have to start from the beginning: with the power. The entire system has to be able to provide as much stable energy as possible in the shortest possible time"

The cleaner the power, the clearer the audio image produced. It is easier to distinguish and follow the details.

The more current is made available per fraction of a second, the more the audio information can be brought forward, particularly low level information.

This not only applies to a separate amplifier or a power supply but to the entire system. We don´t mean the speed or strength of electrical current in itself (power is delivered at the speed of light and 10 amps is still 10 amps). Far more the reaction relationships between current requirement and current conversion or how fast, impulsive and stable is the current when it is required.

Because the current requirements of a music system change continually with those of the music itself. When an amplifier is working harder to cope with a complex and strong impulse, the general quality and stability of the current is influenced in all the components.

PHONOSOPHIE cables and distributor board power supplies have been conceived with these points in mind. Shielded power cables, power filters and the like complicate the matter further with added reciprocal effects.

We suggest planning your system using the following criteria:

- the first priority is a proper power supply, your system depends on it,

- secondly, the individual placement of your equipment,

- and thirdly, use high quality cabling to connect your equipment.

Only when your system is completely supported in all these areas does it make sense, strictly speaking, to think about the quality of the individual components themselves.

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