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The PHONOSOPHIE OnePoint 1 tone arm leads your pickup perfectly through the grooves, with its extremely well matched low frequency resonance.

„The PHONOSOPHIE N°3 with ONEPOINT arm and FAIR pickup are a tonally well balanced combination. The bass was punchy and the high frequency range was clearly defined without being hard or sharp. The mid range, the enduring strength of PHONOSOPHIE components, was crisp and clear without forcing itself into the foreground…“
Stefan Schickedanz / Audiophile

Tonearm PHONOSOPHIE OnePoint 1.
The tonearm Onepoint was developed in close cooperation with CLEARAUDIO and includes much rethinking about the optimum tracking of the pickup, the supression of resonance and their controlled dissipation.

Besides the re-evaluation of the mechanical parameters we also gave thought to improving electromagnetic influences on low level signals.

The OnePoint 1 enables the pickup to work under optimum conditions resulting in an unique musical flow.

The ideal pickup for the OnePoint 1. Full of drive and a well balanced frequency response with low cross-talk between channels.
“The Flair shows things like they are. Once you hear it, you will know what I mean..."

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