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The NAIM AUDIO ARO tonearm makes a perfect pair together with the PHONOSOPHIE N° 3.

… than compared to the duo PHONOSOPHIE N° 3 / NAIM ARO, which was more impulsive than the LINN rivals and yet preserved an exemplary tonal balance.

The LP 12 could sometimes `separate´ the left and right hand in piano recordings, while the N° 3 preserved the instrument as a whole… “
Wilfried Kress / StereoPlay

ARO Tonearm from Naim Audio.
The ARO tone-arm from Naim Audio is a marvellous partner for the PHONOSOPHIE N°3 turntable. Like the ONE-POINT, it also relies on a single point uni-pivot bearing. The whole arm is perfectly designed mechanically. N°3 and ARO are a perfect combination. The PHONOSOPHIE FLAIR cartridge works really well with the ARO. This combination sets standards for "live-ness", rhythm and complexity in music reproduction.

The ideal pickup for the ARO. Full of drive and a well balanced frequency response with low cross-talk between channels.
“The Flair shows things like they are. Once you hear it, you will know what I mean..."

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