Increase the value of your PHONOSOPHIE equipment.

The audible improvement attained with the Mk2 Updates are just one of the many reasons to be happy. You won't recognise your system sound.

The finely defined rhythm and dynamic reach new dimensions.

The MK2 range includes all CD Players, integrated, pre and power amps built since December 2001. Particular attention was paid to current stability and improved power management, improving the individual stability of each component considerably.

The audible benefits like increased accuracy, stability and better transient response were extremely noticeable. MK2 updates are highly recommend to owners of PHONOSOPHIE equipment acquired before December 2001.

MK 2 Update Power for Power Amplifiers,
all power amplifiers, all CD players, PC 2 & PC 3 power supplies.
Up to date actualisation; power management optimization, complete alignment.

MK 2 Update Pre Amplifiers
Various newly constructed replacement amplifier component parts, burning in and complete alignment.

MK 2 Update Phono stage
All versions, diverse new components and complete alignment.

MK 2 Update Bi-Butt and X-Over
All versions, diverse new components and complete alignment.

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The quality of the mains supply is essential regarding impulsivity, signal stability and liveness of the performance.

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