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Can cables influence reproduction?

Seeing as every system can only sound as good as the worst link in the audio chain, then the answer must be:

Yes, absolutely!

Regardless of how well a particular component performs, if the cable is unable to carry the information correctly, the audio image collapses. The music sounds lifeless and uninteresting.

The reason is simple:
each cable takes something away!

The larger the amount of useable signal available, so the higher information flow and the closer you get to the stage.

Equally important is the neutral and smooth cable reproduction over the entire frequency range, in order to reduce phantom imaging.

Current, RF and loudspeaker cabling is extremely important for the overall sound of your system, with their negative influence over the real useable signal and resulting loss of musical enjoyment. By improving them you can attain the maximum performance your investment can allow.

-We suggest planning and upgrading your system using the following criteria:

- the first priority is a proper power supply, your system depends on it,

- secondly, the individual placement of your equipment,

- and thirdly, use high quality cabling to connect your equipment.

Only when your system is completely supported in all these areas does it make sense, strictly speaking, to think about the quality of the individual components themselves.

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The quality of the mains supply is essential regarding impulsivity, signal stability and liveness of the performance.

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