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If you like the look of our LS-2 speaker cable and you aren’t concerned about how inexpensive it is, then use it to release your system’s potential.

Then you will find your foot tapping as the full emotion of the melody is delivered right to your heart, time after time.

Ask your PHONOSOPHIE dealer to demonstrate these cables and hear for yourself.

With a diameter of 2 X 6 mm2 these cables are the optimum audio connection to the speakers. The oxygen free cooper-twists (99,99%-OFC) are carried at a constant distance apart by the stiff PE isolation, creating a low capacity (power amps work more stably) together with an acceptable induction and DC resistance.

The ideal addition to our LS-2 Loudspeaker cable for optimum connection to your speakers:

PH LS Plug - CU
4 mm Loudspeaker plug, cable copper coated, solder and crimpable.

PH LS Plug - AG
4 mm Loudspeaker plug, silver alloy finish, solder and crimpable.

Banana sockets and plugs an effective contact, with the most contact surface area, of any loudspeaker connection systems for the best audio solution.

Our crimpable and solderable Banana connectors guarantee excellent contact and extremely low resistance.

We suggest planning your system using the following criteria:

- the first priority is a proper power supply, your system depends on it,

- secondly, the individual placement of your equipment,

- and thirdly, use high quality cabling to connect your equipment.

Only when your system is completely supported in all these areas does it make sense, strictly speaking, to think about the quality of the individual components themselves.

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