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The rhythm of the heat: Classic 1

Our purist amongst the PHONOSOPHIE amps. The Classic 1 is the ideal integrated amp for all audiophiles who want to keep costs down, but not at the expense of their acoustic ideals.

owerful output stages and a well dimensioned power supply make the Classic 1 into an excellent mid-level dynamic and life-like performer.

Despite these rich talents, the Classic 1 can be upgraded and altered in several ways.

„The CLASSIC 1 is an audiophile. An authentic musical timbre meets very dynamic speaker driveability and life-like performance. “ STEREO / Michael Eichelsdörfer

Low cost, high octane: Our approach to the construction of the Classic 1 was clearly defined. Everything should be reduced to the basic needs of all music lovers, who want nothing, except great sound. The Classic 1 plays very dynamically and can really turn you on with its breathtaking musical timing and high temperament, which are virtually unrivalled.

The electronic circuit boards are entirely hand wired and completed by real craftsmen in Hamburg. We use only the best possible parts and assembling processes.

The rich reservoir of current in the power supply enables the Classic to reproduce impulses with perfect

speed and dynamics.Star earthing and highly sophisticated routing of the signal passes are further contributions to achieving musical flow and extended small signal dynamics.

Job rotation: Exchangeable phono boards
The phono boards are designed for quick exchange. You can switch a pc board for MM or MC cartridges optionally. Impedance and capacity settings are widely variable. They can be optimised for your favourite pickup when you order your PHONOSOPHIE amplifier.

Audiophile oriented circuit design with sophisticated board technology and selected components ensure, that the Classic is the right choice for the discerning ear.

Bi-Butt kicks your...
and gets you closer to the stage. The optional Bi-Butt board (erhem, stands for double Butterworth filter, or what did you think?) enables the adaptation of the speakers to the room. By limiting the bandwidth on both ends of the frequency range, the filter board is used in our integrated amplifiers, to improve the inherent dynamic behaviour of the amp and precision of the individual channels.

It's not over till X-Over
A real speciality of this integrated amp is the optionally available active cross over network (requires a four channel amplifier configuration). With that tiny little extra, you can activate and precisely adjust your passive speakers from brands like Naim, Linn, PHONOSOPHIE and others. This results in a dramatic rise in precision, imaging depth and low level information. It will sound even more real.

It talks fluently German: DIN deals with connections
PHONOSOPHIE employs DIN sockets for all connections other than Phono, for which we use BNC terminals.

The lockable DIN connectors offer mechanical and electrical advantages. By using a common ground, we avoid the inclusion of different potentials, so that hum doesn't interfere with the sound quality.

BNC connectors are standard in the measuring business and everywhere where extremely low level signals have to be handled. No wonder that we believe that BNCs are the best choice for transmitting the sensitive phono signal to the amp.

Banana plugs offer the most precisely defined contact with the largest surface area of all loudspeaker connectors and guess what: that's why we use them in all our amps!

PHONOSOPHIE uses cases made of carefully treated aluminium (4 mm thick) with finest grade of surface polishing. In contrast to the heavy armour wrapped around common high end audio components, it will not suffer from vibration energy trapped between thick metal sheets.
Instead, this kind of lean construction offers more control when dealing with vibrations as they are eliminated from the cabinet in the shortest time possible. To reduce vibration effects even further, you can use our racksystem, which is complimentary to the cabinets design and supports them perfectly for optimum sound reproduction.

PHONOSOPHIE System remote. Optionally available for the Classic 1, the system remote-kit can be added at any time giving you control over everything – even third party components – from a comfortable distance of up to 16 meters due to double LEDs.

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The quality of the mains supply is essential regarding impulsivity, signal stability and liveness of the performance.

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