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Wannabes behave: The Bi-Connect can bite

The Bi-Connect - the entry level in the league of pre & power amp separates.

And you still get the usual PHONOSOPHIE upgrade options such as X-Over, Bi-Butt-Filter, high quality phono module and external power supply.

The Bi-Connect beats anything in its price range, when it comes to sound quality and value for the money.

„Again, it's because of the details that you ask yourself: Why haven't I heard this before? The touch of the bow on a string, the sound of a chair, the rustle of a music sheet…And this atmosphere – yes, a `live atmosphere´ and presence.“ image hifi / Heinz Gelking

Low fat, strong taste
The consistent decision against a balance potentiometer and Tape Monitor function combined with only the most essential circuit components makes for an unbeatable sound for this price category.
The circuit board is the same as those in use in our bigger pre amps, giving you all the same advantages in regard to power supply and signal integrity.

Better to be connected with Power Control 1
The Bi-Connect does not care for disturbances whilst at work: transformers are not allowed near the sensitive pre-amps. The power is supplied either by a PHONOSOPHIE power amp or an external power supply like the Power Control 1 (photo).

There are big advantages to be gained by using our external power supplies, a step closer to the stage. More Power - More Live. You can upgrade at any time, when is up to you.

Job rotation: Exchangeable phono boards
The phono boards are designed for quick exchange. You can switch a pc board for MM or MC cartridges optionally. Impedance and capacity settings are widely variable. They can be optimised for your favourite pickup when you order your PHONOSOPHIE amplifier.

Audiophile oriented circuit design with sophisticated board technology and selected components ensure, that the Classic is the right choice for the discerning ear.

Bi-Butt kicks your...
and gets you closer to the stage. The optional Bi-Butt board (erhem, stands for double Butterworth filter, or what did you think?) enables the adaptation of the speakers to the room. By limiting the bandwidth on both ends of the frequency range, the filter board is used in our integrated amplifiers, to improve the inherent dynamic behaviour of the amp and precision of the individual channels.

It's not over till X-Over
This optionally available 2 Way Active X-Over 2 network offers full control of a four channel amplifier configuration. You can activate and precisely adjust your passive speakers from brands like Naim, Linn, PHONOSOPHIE and others.

It talks fluently German: DIN deals with connections
PHONOSOPHIE employs DIN sockets for all connections other than Phono, for which we use BNC terminals.

The lockable DIN connectors offer mechanical and electrical advantages. By using a common ground, we avoid the inclusion of different potentials, so that hum doesn't interfere with the sound quality.

BNC connectors are standard in the measuring business and everywhere where extremely low level signals have to be handled. No wonder that we believe that BNCs are the best choice for transmitting the sensitive phono signal to the amp.

Banana plugs offer the most precisely defined contact with the largest surface area of all loudspeaker connectors and guess what: that's why we use them in all our amps!

PHONOSOPHIE uses cases made of carefully treated aluminium (4 mm thick) with finest grade of surface polishing. In contrast to the heavy armour wrapped around common high end audio components, it will not suffer from vibration energy trapped between thick metal sheets.
Instead, this kind of lean construction offers more control when dealing with vibrations as they are eliminated from the cabinet in the shortest time possible. To reduce vibration effects even further, you can use our racksystem, which is complimentary to the cabinets design and supports them perfectly for optimum sound reproduction.

PHONOSOPHIE System remote. Optionally available for the BI-Control, the system remote-kit can be added at any time, giving you control over everything – even third party components – from a comfortable distance of up to 16 meters due to double LEDs.

Start up!
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LPs, CDs, DVDs…

The quality of the mains supply is essential regarding impulsivity, signal stability and liveness of the performance.

Stand up!
Solid like a rock
and light as a feather would be the ideal home base for your hi-fi system. You
will be surprised,
how much the stand affects the total quality of sound. If you want to get closer to the music, start here!

Go for the next step!
You already have a PHONOSOPHIE pre-amp?
You are completely happy?
Thats understandable!

In which case, don´t listen to your pre-amp powered by a POWER-CONTROL 2 external power supply. The improvement is so good that you might have to change your mind - we did warn you!.

The more you invest in power supplies, the closer you will get to the stage!

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